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New Wearables Device With Snap Spectacles, Translation Hearing Aids

EarsMATE | Updated: Sep 28, 2018

New Wearables Device with Snap Spectacles, Translation Hearing Aids 

    Just a few decades ago, technology you could wear was the dream. Enthusiasts were promised this glorious tech for years via trade shows and sci-fi movies, priming an entire generation for wearables before they even hit the market.

Unfortunately, whether because of poor battery life, ugly aesthetics or compatibility issues, wearables have been a bit disappointing for the everyday user so far. Even with a market value projected to hit $25 billion in 2019, mainstream adoption has been hard to come by.

Admittedly, no one expected the technology to be flawless right out of the gate. But, it’s been almost half a decade since the first Apple Watch was released and everyone is still waiting for that perfect piece of tech you can wear.

It could be right around the corner.

The next generation of wearables is starting to hit the market in preparation for the 2018 holiday season, and the candidates are looking pretty impressive.

The Glory of Translation Hearing Aids

Luvio AI Hearing AidHearing aids are already miraculous health care devices that change the lives of their users. By amplifying sound for the hearing impaired, hearing aids are made up of pretty impressive technology as it is. But in the tech world, there’s always room for evolution.

The Livio AI from Starkey Hearing Technologies, for example, takes hearing aid technology to a whole new level. This device can track steps – just like a fitness tracker – and even alert loved ones if the users falls. Plus, it keeps track of how often you speak to people, so you can make sure you’re being social throughout the day. But there’s a further miracle feature, too.

The Livio AI can whisper real-time translations of foreign languages to its users, effectively turning anyone with hearing loss into an international traveler. While many devices available to consumers now, like Google’x Pixel Buds, provide this service, it has never been installed directly into a hearing aid, making the Livio AI a true wearable of the future.

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