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New OTC Hearing Aids By GN Hearing Aid

New OTC Hearing Aids by GN Hearing Aid

What is the OTC Hearing aid?

The OTC hearing aid is short for the Over-the-counter hearing aids.It can be bought directly in stores or online, and are mainly for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. These hearing aids will be safe and closely regulated by the FDA, as well as clearly labeled.The OTC is the abbreviation of over the counter,which means drugs that can be purchased directly in pharmacies or pharmacies without doctors'prescriptions. 

And the OTC drugs are converted from prescription drugs. They are drugs that have been applied for a long time to confirm efficacy, stable quality and safe use of non medical professionals.

Therefore,the OTC Hearing aid will be using similar as the OTC drugs,which can be bought directly in stores or online with no the fitting by doctors or the hearing aid dispenser.

This is a new OTC Hearing aid by GNHearingAID,fitting for the mild to moderate severe hearing loss with Volume adjustable by volume wheel of 1-4 level sound and the Power on off switcher confirmatable wearing behind ear:


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