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New Feedback Management And Noise Control Invisible Hearing Aid G-16D2

New feedback management and noise control invisible hearing aid G-16D2

This GNHearingAID invisible hearing aid G-16D2 is designed to automatically adapt to the listening environment you’re in to deliver crisp sound without having to touch a button. It has Multi channels and features feedback management and noise control to filter out unwanted noise. The GN 16D2 hearing aid is not water-resistant and should not come in contact with water, moisture or extreme temperatures.

About the Product:

The model G-16D2 is a Ready-to-use extra Mini Invisible Digital hearing aid with the Super Mini size In-The-Canal (ITC) only 2/5 inches and the Digital clearly sound technology to make voices crystal clear and natural, even at low volumes. It is a hot selling by the Good performance with digital chipsets and Feedback cancellation technology,as well as the Energy save by Using one hearing aids size 10 batteries last working for 80+ hours.The Mirco ITC digital hearing aids are fitting comfortably for Right and Left ear , Small Light-weight design and Less visible,which can not discover while wearing in Ear.


The unique invisible hearing aid G-16D2 is the best digital hearing aid cic covert in the ear canal specially for the young people who do not want others to know wearing hearing aid.

Invisible Digital GNhearingaid G-16D2 

Key Features:

1. 2 channel and full 100% digital circuit

2. Factory Self-design and developing

3. Digital techonolgy for cancellation Noise feedback

4. Hidden in thec canal of right Ear and Left ear

5. Fitting for the mild or moderate hearing loss

6. Crystal clear sound output 115dB

Digital hearing aid invisible in ear canal @ www.GNHearingAID.com


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