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New Discreet RIC Style Hearing Aid 2018

The New discreet RIC Style Hearing Aid G-28-RIC in 2018 from China

The G-28-RIC is a manually controlled RIC hearing aid with N-H Trimmer modes and high-quality sound but low power consumption. The Noise Reduction(26dB) system facilitates the easy and free hearing in the noisy environment and fit for mild to moderate hearing loss. 

    Open BTE machine (BTE OE) is the difference with the traditional BTE, with a fine and elastic sound conducting tube to replace the traditional BTE sound conducting tube, because earplugs are relatively open, no BTE feeling seal, so as to improve wearing comfort.
    The G-28-IR open Fit RIC Style Hearing aid is suitable for mild and moderate hearing loss adults of men and women, the general adaptation range below 45dB, if the hearing loss is serious, it will not apply.

    The following groups of people are more suitable to wear Our Open fit RIC Hearing Aids:
    1. wearing other types of hearing aid, Ears feel stuffy, not very comfortable.
    2. low frequency hearing is less than or equal to 40 dB.
    3. patients with otitis media, or recurrent otitis media
    4. people with high requirements for beauty.

Here,we are introducing more about our New discreet RIC Hearing Aid to you.

New G-28-RIC Open Fit BTE Hearing Aid


*Small discreet open fit hearing aid,less than finger

*Unique Light weight and comfortable open fit behind the Ear

*The mode N-H Trimmer switcher for different sound environment

*High quality Microphone and Receiver in Canal

*Low current and long lasting battery A13 for 300 hours

Open fit BTE RIC Hearing Aid G-28-RIC 

Key Features:

  1.Sound output: 115dB+5dB

  2.Peak gain(dB): ≤ 40dB

  3.EQ Input Noise: ≤ 26 dB

  4.Sound Frequency Range: 200-4500 Hz

  5.N-H trimmer mode switcher

  6.Volume wheel controll by 4 level

  7.Discreet small bte aid for adults

  8.Battery Type: A13 Zinc Air battery

  9.long last working battery for 300 hours

  10.CE,ROHS FDA 2018 

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