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Hearing Aids International Brands And Chinese Brands oxsound

Hearing Aids International Brands and Chinese Brands oxsound

As we all know, hearing aids have six major international brands, Denmark Oticon, Switzerland Phonak, Denmark Resound, Denmark Widex, Germany Siemens and the United States Starkey. In the past few decades,they have occupied 90% of the global market,with a higher market share in China. People with hearing loss mainly rely on foreign products. The outflow of asset is not friendly to the development of the Chinese economy. Today, this pattern has finally been broken and the legend of the six international brands is about to end with the born of the seventh international brand. Domestic hearing aid brands oxsound as a dark horse will soon join them.

The Great-Ears oxsound Hearing Aid has reached an international level in its technology and its achievements in some areas are even better than the six brands. The ITE series have the largest market share in the hearing aids ; Rechargeable series of hearing aids targeting Europe and the United States market has achieved impressive sales performance and has received loyal support from local customers. Currently, it has spread to more than 45 countries around the world and has become a good news for the weak listeners. At the same time, oxsound also created the world's first bluetooth earphone hearing aid, which is deeply loved by hearing impaired people at home and abroad.

As for the price, Gesound hearing aids can be said to be competitive in the industry with the same performance.
In terms of aesthetics, oxsound is as gorgeous as Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt. Delicacy, beauty and lightness is the development trend of this industry.
 In terms of development speed, oxsound completed the decade achievements of  the other brands in just a few short years. The six brands have no fear of their own market share and slowed their pace in development and research. This has also contributed to the transformation of the current pattern. Development is also like sailing against the water,sink or swim.


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