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EarsMate Of G-16D GN Hearing Aids

EarsMATE | Updated: Nov 26, 2018

EarsMate of G-16D GN Hearing Aids

Brand: EarsMate

Stock Code : G-16D

The EarsMate G-16D is a new designed mini hearing aids to fit most people in the ear canal. The G-16D easily slips into either ear and can be used all day long or just when you need it.Rated #1 for new users. Use in either ear 3 sizes of ear tips with built-in wax protection Three sizes of ear tips ensures that you can find one that fits your ear giving you a secure and comfortable fit.The EarsMate G-16D incorporates a unique patented design. Ear tips can be easily replaced when needed.Now you can enjoy improved hearing when you need it. Simply insert the EarsMate G-16D in either ear when you find it hard to understand others. Its easy to use and very effective. Once again you can enjoy listening to your family, friends, TV and radio,Easy-to-use. The EarsMate G-16D is designed to fit in either your right or left ear so no more trying to figure out which aid is for which ear. It has a convenient pull-out knob which makes inserting and removing your EarsMate G-16D easy even for people with large fingers.

Picture of EarsMate G-16D,2 Channel digital hearing aid


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