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Why do the hearing aids sound will be smaller in winter

Why do the hearing aids sound will be smaller in winter

In winter,the sound of hearing aids become smaller, what is the reason caused it?

The smaller sound is likely to cause by the condensated water. Except for the moisture of the air, the biggest enemy of winter for hearing aids is the condensate water. The condensed water will clog the sound hole and corrode the receiver, or even get inside the hearing aid, lead to the hearing aid’s chip to damp. It will affect the hearing aid's normal work and affect the conduction of sound, then the user may hear the sound smaller or no sound. In order to avoid the damage by the condensate water, the acoustic guide tube of the hearing aid should be inspected carefully before use, that is the plastic connection between the hearing aid and the ear mold. It needs to check whether there is a water in tube and plug, if there are water drops,which should be dried or wiped clean promptly.

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