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To make the elderly’s later life full of sound and color by adsound hearing aid

To make the elderly’s later life full of sound and color by adsound hearing aid

At present, China has entered an aging society,and there are more and more elderly people is over the age of 70. Among these elderly people, at least one-third of them have the hearing loss phenomenon. The Hearing loss problem will force older people to communicate less with others,and their the curiosity and attention to the outside world will be reduced, the quality of life has been reduced too. Therefore,it would be better to fit hearing aids for these old people to protected the hearing loss as early as possible.

However,what kind of hearing aids will be more suitable for the elderly? Here are some models of the available from adsound of Great Ears for reference and choose.

Unique Mini Ric hearing aid G-28-RIC with A13 batter last working 300 hours for mild to moderate hearing loss


Long battery wokring 100 hours rechargeable hearing amplifier G-25 with NH trimmer and volume wheel


Cheap price $ 3.99 and in the canal top sales online amazon and ebay G-10-B with A13 for 300 hours and Sound 130dB


with 600 hours last working by one A675 battery and operate easily special for old people


Bluetooth style in the ear rechargeable hearing aid G-18 last for 80 hours by each 4-6 hours USB power charge


Best invisible hearing aid in ear canal G-16 with A10 battery for 100 hours


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