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the best hearing aid for high-frequency loss

What is the best hearing aid for high-frequency loss

For all the hearing impaired people, the same problem is hearing loss, but the performance may be different. Some people audiogram trend is relatively flat, and some people will have the hearing loss of low-frequency light and high frequency loss serious. For these hearing loss users, which hearing aids will be more suitable for them?

    The human ear can feel the frequency range from 20Hz to 20000Hz, while most of the Chinese voice frequency is mainly between 500Hz-4000Hz.The High-frequency hearing loss can affect the understanding of speech clarity, especially in the parties, shopping malls and other noisy environment will feel unclear obviously.

    In addition, like the ringtones, bird sounds and children's voices what is a very sharp and tiny of high-frequency sound will not be sensitive or even hear.

    Users who choose high-frequency loss hearing aids, first of all need to meet their own hearing compensation, that is, the power requirements of hearing aids; Second, in order to obtain natural, clear sound, requires the selected hearing aid with excellent sound quality, including signal processing, noise reduction. If low-frequency hearing loss is light but the high-frequency loss is serious, then the hearing compensation should be divided into several paragraphs. So it is priority to choose the multi-channel digital hearing aids.

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