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the 2 misunderstanding to fit hearing aids

the 2 misunderstanding to fit hearing aids

1.Once I use a hearing aid, I have to depend on it

    This opinion might stems from our folk perception to the wearing glasses. When we are not familiar with something, we will give examples for similar things that we are familiar. For example, we have to wear glasses if our eyesight is not good, then, we found that we have to depend on the glasses by the end. In fact, the main purpose of hearing aids is to provide compensation for hearing loss people so that their hearing level is close to normal level. If the brain becomes habit to the convenience of a hearing aid, the brain suddenly becomes "overwhelmed" by stopping using the hearing aid and even becomes slow to respond, resulting in a "false impression" of hearing loss, just like wearing glasses, suddenly Do not wear glasses, will feel the inconvenience in life. This is actually a kind of inertia,but not dependence.

2.I no need to wear hearing aids at home,since I can hear my family speaking reluctantly in a quiet place

    Many people with mild to moderate hearing loss have this habit of wearing hearing aids.The users who feel that hearing aids are not necessary at home and hearing aids are only worn when they need socializing. This is very wrong, the ear is responsible for collecting voice information and pass the sound to the brain, the brain collect a variety of sensory information to make the appropriate response. Therefore, if the brain is to be accurately analyzed continuously, the ear must transmit information to the brain without interruption. However, when hearing loss affects the function of the ear, hearing aids must be used to give the brain the opportunity to learn different environmental sounds. In addition, It does not mean that you can hear all sound from the sound source if you can hear families members’ sound reluctantly. Therefore, being able to hear the sound is not the only factor whether to wear a hearing aid or not.

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