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Small In The Ear Rechargeable hearing amplifier parts

Small In The Ear Rechargeable hearing amplifier parts

Our Model G-12 of In-The-Canal ITC rechargeable hearing amplifiers incorporate cutting edge technology that makes voices crystal clear, even at low volume. Whether your hearing has deteriorated a bit due to your age, stress or some kind of disorder, our G-12 will help you hear perfectly once again when people are whispering around you or they’re talking to you from far away.

Here is this hearing amplifier with parts and details:

A: Receiver

B: Microphone

C: Rechargealbe Li BATTERY

D: Power charge jack

E: Sound Volume control part

F: Power switcher part

G: Earplug

H: Hearing Amplifier body cover A

I: Hearing Amplifier body cover B

J: Power switcher button

G12 PARTS.jpg

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