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Is true for the hearing level decrease if take off the hearing aids?

Is true for the hearing level decrease if take off the hearing aids?

After wearing hearing aids for a long time, the hearing seems to decrease very seriously if take off the hearing aid and can not listen well. Is it the true, that’s why?

Many people who wear hearing aids says that the hearing seems to decrease much when they do not wear hearing aids after wearing hearing aids for long time.

So why does this illusion make people feel worried and afraid?

Some people who are used to wearing glasses if have the same feel when they take off his glasses suddenly, then they feel the eyesight will become vague? It seems as same as the people who wear hearing aids. When you wear a hearing aid for a long time, the brain's perception and perception threshold of sound has been improved relatively. The brain has become accustomed to listening to these "normal people's voices" every day for a conscious memory. So if you take off a hearing aid for a moment, you feel a lot of noise, it is a short time to listen to the brain as a kind of neural illusion, but the hearing threshold or no change, it is the perception of a short time error and illusion .

General If you do not wear a hearing aid for a week, it can be restored to the same hearing level before you did not wear hearing aids. People have a memory function of information collection, whether it is written or voice, once the rule is destroyed or forcibly changed, then the brain can not  switch and adapt the change in a short time.

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