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How to use the EarsMate Bluetooth hearing aid and headset earphone 25BT

EarsMATE | Updated: Dec 10, 2018

How to use the EarsMate Bluetooth hearing aid and headset earphone 25BT

The EarsMate Bluetooth hearing aid and headset 25BT is built with the latest wireless bluetooth technology to adapt easily for all Adults, seniors and elderly's hearing loss.With the bluetooth technology,the hearing aid can connect to the iOS and Android phones, televisions, tablets and other favorite audio devices by the bluetooth paired for phone calling,music and TV watching.

Thanks to the easy-to-use design,now,it's very popular in market with more and more users.

How to use the bluetooth ZTQ device 25BT @ EarsMate

1.When the hearing amplifier is on,press and hold the M Mode button for 3 seconds or so to  hear a beep,then the indicator is blue and flashing,which means the bluetooth function is working and starting to pair.

2.Turn on the bluetooth enabled mobile phone or other bluetooth enabled devices,search for the hearing amplifier’s bluetooth APP,which is the name of ZTQ。When the bluetooth pairing is ready,you will hear the voice of”pairing successful”.Then,the bluetooth connection will show on the mobile phone or other devices.

Please be note,the same bluetooth devices will be paired automatically next time if they have paired success before.


3.When the mobile phone is calling in,short press the M mode button to answer or to hang up the phone call;long press the M mode button 3s or so to refuse the calling.When playing music,short press the M mode button to pause or play.

4.When there is no audio signal coming into the hearing amplifier device,the bluetooth of ZTQ will switch to standby status,and the hearing amplifier function will recover automatically after 10s.And the ZTQ will close automatically after standby for a certain period.

As this bluetooth hearing aid manufacturer,we are pleased to show the product structure details as below,FYI:


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