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How to use bte hearing aid

How to use bte hearing aid

Before wearing the bte hearing aid, you have to connect the sound guide tube to the hook of the hearing aid.It is a reminding that the length of the sound guide tube is very important for wearing it behind on the ear.

1, put the bte hearing aid to the ear, then inserting the earplug tube of the other end into the ear canal and connecting the hearing aid to get the right length to the ear hook, after this measure way, it needs to cut off the excess plastic tube. When you finish the cutting work, you can connect the sound tube and ear hook together. In the same time ,you have to pay attention to the direction of the ear outlet when connecting.

2, Install the battery: Note that there is a sticker on the back of the new battery, the sticker should be removed, and then insert it in the hearing aid battery compartment, the battery compartment at the bottom of the hearing aid and open it with a fingernail. The battery has the note of positive and negative , It is difficult to close the battery compartment if using the wrong battery pole. The side of the battery with a hole is positive with the "+" mark.

3, Select the right size earplugs: the hearing aids are equipped with large, medium and small three kinds of earplugs, according to the size of the ear canal to choose the right earplugs, the wrong ear plugs size will affect the daily use, the most affected is easy to produce howling, the sound quality is not clear.

4, Adjust the sound level: put the hearing aid on the ear, insert the ear plugs into the ear canal, must plug tightly to avoid the howling. It is normal that a howling may occur during wearing the bte hearing aid. In general, put the mini sound level firstly and then increase the volume size slowly, please be careful and press the volume wheel lightly, do not force press to damage the hearing aids.

5, If you can not hear in left ear, then can try to insert it in the right ear, pay attention to the process of changing the ear, the earplugs should be replaced.

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