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Hearing Aids Make Use of Bluetooth Technology

Hearing Aids Make Use of Bluetooth Technology based Oxsound

The primary goal of hearing aids has always been to improve speech understanding. While this hasn’t changed, hearing aid manufacturers are now building Bluetooth technology into their most advanced hearing aid microchips to make speech from phones, televisions, and other devices more accessible to hearing aid users.

Fortunately, there are now more options on the market, and with the release of the Great-Ears Oxsound bluetooth hearing amplifier devices this year 2018.Any Iphone and Android users and hands-free callers with hearing loss have had their prayers answered. Here are the top three innovations that oxsound BT has introduced to the market:

1.G-25BT Hearing aids can now directly connect to any Bluetooth-enabled phone.

now, there has never been a Bluetooth hearing aid that was truly made for all devices and allowed universal connectivity — including the ability to directly connect to an iPhone, an Android device or even a classic flip phone that is Bluetooth-ready.

2. G-25BT Bluetooth hearing aids now offer truly hands-free calls.

“This is indeed the first time a hearing aid wearer can have a true hands-free conversation without having to touch the phone at all,” she said. “This is especially convenient in the car, where your phone may be in a pocket or purse, or if you need to have a conversation while leaving your phone on the table or countertop, for example if you’re cooking.”

3.Bluetooth Hearing aids stream wireless stereo sound directly from your TV.

Bluetooth-enabled hands-free calls are nothing new in the world of consumer electronics, these are true innovations for the world of hearing aids.

Hearing Aids Make Use of Bluetooth Technology based Oxsound


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