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Hearing aid can improve the Speech discrimination ability for hearing loss users

Hearing aid can improve the Speech discrimination ability for hearing loss users

Most of the hearing loss is not caused by suddenly in a short time. It is the result from the hearing decrease day after day. These hearing impaired people users have the problem of speech discrimination ability decline. At this case,you can improve discrimination ability by fitting the hearing aid. The people who have a long time hearing loss problem can hear the voice in their daily life, but they do not understand the speech.

For example, many elderly people asked repeatedly in their daily conversation: "What did you say?" The elderly actually heard voices at this time. However, due to the discrimination ability  declining,they did not have good discrimination ability for the voices they heard,then,they need to asked the speakers to repeat many time in their conversation.

Through wearing hearing aids for a long time, the discrimination ability will strengthen gradually, but it needs a reasonable and patient adaptation process to concrete improvement and the hearing impaired users need to keep a good attitude and insist to fit hearing aid everyday.

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