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Do you know how the Ear Works

Do you know how the Ear Works

The human hearing mechanism is a highly complex and robust system, the sound from the environment by the pressure waves come into mechanical energy. This is done through a complex hierarchical system and area ratio.By the electrochemical reactions, this mechanical energy translates into something that the brain recognizes as music or warning signs or natural sounds and meaningful conversations. As usual,the ear can be divided into three basic parts, they are the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear.

Outer Ear funnels the sound around us into the ear drum. The outer ear make the pinna (ears, you see) and the ear canal. They act as resonators, amplifying some pitch or frequency of sound before reaching the eardrum.

The middle ear is where sound converted from pressure waves to mechanical energy. The tympanic membrane (ear drum) is composed of a layer of skin, just as tight as the top of the tympanic membrane. When the sound come into the ear canal, the eardrum begins to vibrate. Attached to the ear drum,it has three parts of tympanic scaffolds (calf), anvil (anvil) and Stirrup (stapes). Their job is to transfer the vibration of the eardrum to the hydraulic waves in the inner ear.

The inner ear is where the nerve receives the sound and deliver to the brain. Called the cochlea, the inner ear is a fluid-filled, bone-labyrinth, with tens of thousands of small hair cells inside. The hair cells are responsible for detecting the pitch of pressure waves and converting them into electrical pulses that the brain receives and interprets.

  1. Outer Ear

  2. Ear Canal

  3. Middle Ear

  4. Inner Ear

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