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Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids from Earsmate

EarsMATE | Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids from EarsMATE

Have you ever been in the middle of a meeting or dinner, and your hearing aids suddenly cut out? As hearing aid wearers, you may have experienced something similar to this. It is an inconvenience – especially if you don't have a spare pair of batteries with you!

At Great EarsMate, we ensure the best fit with your hearing aids, and with time, you will grow so accustomed to wearing them that maybe you’ll even forget you have them on. Many hearing aids are equipped with advanced technology, allowing a new level of accessibility for people with hearing loss.

As incredible as these innovations are, they also require more energy ! Fortunately, there are options to efficiently and responsibly power your hearing aids by the high quality rechargeable batteries.

Benefist of Rechargeable Hearing Aids from new brand Earsmate

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries have been available for some time, but they have not been used commonly. In recent years, however, hearing aid manufacturers have begun to design rechargeable hearing aids, which benefits the wearer – and the environment!

Rechargeable hearing aid stations are easy to operate, and eliminate the regular action of fumbling with small components and hearing aid parts. They also reduce battery waste.

Here at Great EarsMATE, we offer rechargeable hearing aid solutions as one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers from China.

The G-25 EarsMATE as the new Brand from Great Ears, powered by the DC3.7V high quality Lithium battery. The EarsMATE G-25 is our first rechargeable hearing aid with bluetooth, chockful of the best hearing features available. The model runs on a lithium-ion battery that allows for 60+ hours of hearing on a single charge (of for hours). If you're in a rush, then a 30-minute charge will provide you with six hours of uninterrupted listening. Unlike other rechargeable battery options, the EarsMATE G25 battery lasts 500 times recharging – making it one of the longest lasting batteries available on the market.

This EarsMATE G-25 is working with the DC5V 1A power charger,which is the same as your android phone USB power charger,so,our rechargeable hearing aids is your priority choice for daily wearing for hearing loss.

This is the EarsMATE G-25 bluetooth rechargeable hearing aids pictures:


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