Hearing Aid Amplifier Rechargeable Hearing Aid Online Lazada And Amazon For Adults With Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Amplifier rechargeable hearing aid online lazada and Amazon for adults with rechargeable hearing aid batteries

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New Advanced digital sound amplifier Hearing Aid G-12 is the top sales Hearing Aid Amplifier rechargeable hearing aid online lazada and Amazon for adults with rechargeable hearing aid batteries

Intended Use:
-If you find difficult to hear very well from others, a hearing aid can help you regain your hearing so you can live the life your are used to.
-Wearing a hearing aid means rediscovering the pleasure of gathering with friends and family, feeling more confident at work, and enjoying movies, music and TV programs.

Top sales Hearing Aid Amplifier rechargeable G-12

Product Features:

Sound output: 125±5dB

Peak Sound gain: 40dB

EQ Input noise: 25dB

Total harmonic distortion: 5%

Sound Frequency range: 500-4500Hz

Built-in rechargeable battery, working 30-40 hours

Adapter Power: DC5V 1000mA(US,EU,UK Plug types optional)

Low Current: 2mA

Power off/on switcher

1-Year Warranty

FDA,CE Certificates Approval

The Color Box Packing:

 1 x Small Rechargeable Hearing Aid Amplifier 
 1 x Standard Color box
 3 x Different size ear plugs Domes
 1 x DC5V 1A power charger and USB cable
 1 x Cleaning brusher tool
 1 x English User Manual 

1. Insert the earplug to the hearing aid, put the hearing aid in your ear and move it up and down to insure it on the right position, adjust the volume to get clear sound
2. Open the battery compartment, put into the corresponding battery and close the battery compartment tightly.(open the battery compartment, it will stop working, close the battery compartment completely, it will start to work)
3. Please take out the battery or turn off hearing aid when you stop to use the hearing aid

Adsound Notes:
-If you hear the whistling sound, please make sure if you put the earplug tightly, or if you use a appropriate size earplug.Turn off the hearing aid when you charge it.
-Be sure the hearing aid is  in minimum volume, otherwise the instant sound will make you uncomfortable


Advanced Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid Device

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