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Amazon hearing aid batteries size 10,13,A675 for BTE hearing aid,ITE hearing aids

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Zinc-air button-cell battery for hearing aid from factory 

Chemical System:  Zinc Air (Zn/O2)
Identification: IEC-PR48
Build Standard: IEC 60086-2:2000,
IEC 60086-
Nominal Voltage: 2:2011 1.45 Volts
Capacity(IEC 60086-2:2000): 265 mAh (to 0.90 volts) (Rated at 1500 ohms at 20°C/
Capacity(IEC 60086-2:2011): 250 mAh (to 1.05 volts)(Rated at 2 mA continuous & 6 mA /100 ms Pulses at 25°C/ 60%RH)
Capacity Retention: > 85%(after 3 years)
Available Current: 10 mA(at 1.1 volts)
Tab Sealing Arrangements: On Cathode Can. See picture above.
Shelf Life: 3 years 0°C
Operation Temp: to 50°C
Typical Weight: 0.84 grams (0.03 oz.)
Typical Volume: 0.25 cubic centimeters (0.015 cubic inch)
Impedance: ≤ 5 ohms (at AC 1000Hz)

Hearing Aid Batteries are available at drugstores, hearing health organizations and centers, with audiologists and
online.  Hearing aid batteries come in several sizes and are color coded to make
them easily recognizable.

The Zinc Air battery of #675 high power are battery sizes
that are used by BTE (Behind the ear) hearing aids. They have a blue color code
and a large storage capacity. The #13 battery has an orange color code. It has
lesser capacity and is used for ITE ( In the ear) style hearing aids. The #312
battery has a brown color code.

It is used in ITC ( In the canal) style hearing
aids and has a brief life span. The #10 battery has a yellow color code and is
used in CIC (completely in the canal) style hearing aids.

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