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This GE Digital BTE Hearing Aid G-26 is a premium behind the ear hearing aid fitting for people with moderate to severe hearing loss.

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This GE Digital BTE Hearing Aid G-26 is a premium behind the ear hearing aid fitting for people who live with moderate to severe hearing loss.With advanced automatic technologies, like adaptive directional microphones and noise filters, the GE 26-V High power Digital BTE is equipped to help people hear their very best even in life's most challenging places, like busy restaurants and social gatherings. We provide an Ear Tube which you cut to the right length with this Digital BTE hearing aid. We also provide 3 size of Ear Buds that you can connect to the Ear Tube in order to achieve a comfortable fitting inside of your ear canal.  


- 100% Digital processing for exceptional sound quality
- 2 channels WDRC amplifier

- 12 bands frequency shaping

- Low level expansion

- Ear hook design, easy operating

- Volume control wheel

- Memory switch tone
- Low battery warning
- Low frequency cut trimmer

- MPO trimmer
- Low current consumption

- Long last working A675 battery for 600 hours

Sample price: 58.0USD/unit,  wholesale price :49.8USD/unit(MOQ=500 Units)




Housing Design

BTE Wireless


100% Digital Chips

Volume control

Volume wheel

Peak OSPL90(dB SPL)

≤ 133dB


≤ 128dB

Peak Gain(dB)

≤ 76dB


≤ 60dB

Reference test gain(dB)

≤ 52dB

Frequency Range(Hz)


EQ input noise(dB)

≤ 20dB

Total harmonic Distortion @500Hz(%)/1600Hz


Battery Size

Zinc Air battery size 675A

Battery Current(mA)




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